Our Team

We are passionate about people and their ideas.

FLOC5, is a women-owned business. We are a team of quality driven, detail obsessed designers. We guide a broad spectrum of people and ideas into a single direction while encouraging innovation and collaboration. With both retail and corporate clients our focus is to create human-centered brands inspired by story and purpose. We encourage clients to be creative, think critically, and dream beyond a logo to build a unique company and culture that promotes conversations, develops relationships, and connects people and places. 


*SLOGO: Dreams in Action. Empowering People + Brands. Growth and Success.  

Brand_ VISIONARY First Choice color_ TEAL Design Style_  SWISS MINIMALISM Clothing "can't live without"_ JEANS Beverage of Choice _ CROSSROADS FIZZ

Sarah founded FLOC5 with emphasis around design excellence and brand strategy. She brings brand, design, and marketing together to provide the best possible design-focused solutions. Through visioning sessions, designing & integrating complex branding systems across many market types, she covers a broad scope in the industry of design, and her projects span from small to large companies in both retail and corporate clientele.

Giving back is a priority. She is a member of AIGA, volunteers for a variety of not-for-profits around KC including A21 and her church. Past involvements include; AIGA KC, IIDA KC and pioneered the PR efforts for the first KC Design Week. 



*SLOGO: Creative Expression. Meaning in Beauty.

Brand_ CURIOUS  First Choice Color_PINK  Design Style_ EVERYTHING  Clothing "Can't Live Without"_ BOOTS Beverage Of Choice _ CHAI TEA

Bethany's passion for design excellence crosses disciplines to embrace creative expression that articulates emotion, solves problems and celebrates beauty. From developing global brands, retail and corporate spaces, as well as writing for a popular design blog, Bethany offers a diverse range of knowledge and experience centered on curating unique brand expression. She specializes in creating experiences with flexibility and insight from vision to polished artifact. She believes that making meaningful work requires a holistic approach to touch the heart and the mind through collaboration and brand strategy that is grounded in core design principles. Bethany is a dreamer at heart with the vision and skill set to realize each project goal.



*SLOGO: Creating Beauty. Connecting People.

Brand_ CASUAL First Choice Color_ YELLOW Design Style_  FLAT GRAPHIC Clothing "Can't Live Without"_ SWEAT PANTS Beverage Of Choice _ CHERRY LIME AID

Kayle is a master at brand design. She has a unique ability to combine art and typography to communicate ideas for each task given. She understands connecting as a team and can effectively develop complex branding systems into compelling stories for our clients and consumers.


*SLOGO: Making Connections, Celebrating Beauty 

Brand_ COLLABORATIVE First Choice color_ GOLD Design Style_  CASUAL ELEGANCE Clothing "can't live without"_ GREEN FIELD JACKETS Beverage of Choice _ BLACK COFFEE

Annie brings over 7 years of marketing maven with experience in strategy, communications, and event management within a variety of industries. Her strength is bringing each medium together to build a consistent brand story.

She is skilled in detail-oriented content creation and editing for web, social media, print, and direct mail. A self-motivated, right-brained creative with the ultimate goal of connecting people.

Some of her past experience includes working for IKEA Corporate, LEGOLand Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium, Parisi Artisan Coffee and more.


*SLOGO: Technology Innovation. Connecting Community. Ideas Becoming Reality.

Brand_ NOMAD First Choice Color_ MAGENTA Design Style_  LIBRARY INDUSTRIAL Clothing "Can't Live Without"_ HEELS Beverage Of Choice _ WATER WITH LIME

Laurie is a visionary master. She curates the branding experience for several clients across many industries. From retail and corporate spaces, start ups to long-standing owned businesses, she provides innovative direction in brand ideas, technology and design. She focuses on aligning details with the big picture vision to create sustainable, scaleable brands + spaces. She bridges architecture and graphics to build ideas in 2D and 3D. Her skills range from Revit to Adobe Illustrator where she expresses her love for brands within the three dimensional world. 



*slogo: definition - The "why" behind what we do. Origin: logo + slogan = slogo