Brand Strategy + Design

FLOC5, is team of quality driven, detail obsessed designers. We guide a broad spectrum of people and ideas into a single direction while encouraging innovation and collaboration. We focus on developing story, strategy, and design standards to create engaging brands.

Build your brand beyond it's logo. 


Our Services


Space. Style. Culture.

STYLE YOUR CULTURE. Branded environments, style, company culture, these things all have amazing influence. Purposefully create culture, design environments, and act as a host bringing inspiration to both employees and consumers. Notice the effect on productivity, sales, relationships, and building a lasting reputation. 

_Signage & Wayfinding
_Branded Spaces
_Art Direction
_Visual Merchandising
_Storefront Display
_Retail Company Culture Development



BUILD YOUR BRAND. Give your brand presence and personality in a competitive marketplace. Purposely tell your story and engage all senses to enhance emotional connection. In every industry, companies of all sizes need a unique identity, a solid reputation, and a clearly defined brand story.

_Logo & Identity
_Brand Aesthetic
_Content Creative Direction
_Brand Management




MOVE BEYOND YOUR LOGO. Designing is a process of balancing strategy with creativity, which inspires innovation, improves functionality, and changes the way we engage with each other and the world around us. Take brand application further by designing every detail. 

_Books, Magazines, Publication
_Event Branding
_Marketing & Sales Collateral
_Art Direction

Discovery & Strategy.

IDENTIFY YOUR VISION. Come to us with a new idea or an established business to invent or reinvent "who" you are as a brand. How would you like to grow? What is your target market? The discovery & strategy phase is key for connecting with your ideal audience, designing for scalability, and planning for longevity.  

_Brand Audit & Review
_Visioning Workshops
_Product & Service Concepting
_Brand Positioning



Digital Experiences.

CONSTANT CONNECTION. Technology is ever changing. Stay in sync with audiences by providing quality digital experiences and cohesive content across all mediums. Thoughtfully designed digital experiences improve usability, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. 

_Website Design
_User Interface
_Social Media Creative Direction
_Social Media Audit
_Video Art Direction